Step 1: Choose Your Ride


| Size = 7´5 x 34, Volume = 160 litres | Built for riders of all skill levels, shapes and sizes, This is our most popular and user friendly model. Featuring handlebar mounts, reduced side-to-side rock and V-shaped nose entry for minimum resistance. Can be ridden with handlebars or 'surf style'. Doubles as a motorized surfboard. A user-friendly & fun ride the whole family can enjoy.


| Size = 6’0 x 30, Volume= 150 litres | Our inflatable option was made for easy travel and pack down. Named “Cloud” as it feels like riding on air. Still feels very stiff to ride, but feels like a cushion if it hits you. Our Cloud model is the most user-friendly e-foil on the market today.


| Size = 5´0 x 25 Volume = 68 litres | Designed for intermediate to advanced riders wanting to rip. Can be ridden with or without handle bars and really gives you that surfing feeling. Designed for both flat water and ocean riding, the surf can carve the waves or rip thru waterways at top speed.