If I damage my HydroFlyer™, is it covered under warranty?
How do I learn to use the HydroFlyer™?
What is the learning curve like?
What is the top speed of the HydroFlyer™?
What setup is right for me?
Is the HydroFlyer™ dangerous? Is it safe for me and my family?
Do I need a license and registration to use the HydroFlyer™?
Is there an age or weight limit to use the HydroFlyer™?
Should I wear a lifejacket and safety gear when riding?
Can the HydroFlyer™ be used in breaking waves?
Where can I learn or demo?
Can I take my HydroFlyer™ on the aeroplane?
How long does the battery last on one charge?
What happens if I run out of battery and or it breaks down out to sea?
Are all the wings, mast, propulsion and board compatible?


How do I charge my HydroFlyer™ battery and how long does it take?
How do I maintain my HydroFlyer™?


How much does a HydroFlyer™ cost?
What payment forms do you accept?
Do you offer payment plans?
What is your returns policy?
Can I purchase parts separately?
How long will it take to receive my HydroFlyer™?


Where do you ship?
How long does it take to ship?
What about taxes and import duties?
My question has not been answered?