Frequently Asked Questions


If I damage my Hydroflyer™, is it covered under warranty?
We offer full warranties on manufacturer faults but do not cover wear and tear from normal use or hitting debris. Oftentimes damage to board and/or hydrofoil is minor and can be easily repaired by your local ding repair specialist. We are more than happy to help you locate your nearest surfboard repair store and advise you on repairs needed. The inflatable board can be easily repaired using the included repair kit.
How do I learn to use the Hydroflyer™?
Before your first ride, we recommend all riders read the instruction manual provided and watch this quick start guide and how to video. You will find it is quite straightforward to learn and far easier once you have seen the how-to-video. We also offer rentals and lessons through our dealers. You can find your closest one here.
What is the learning curve like?
Most of our riders get it within 5-15 minutes. The normal e-foiling learning curve depends on the rider, their fitness level, and their experience in other sports that require balance such as surfing and snowboarding. For a complete beginner who has never tried before, normal e-foiling usually takes a couple of days to a week to learn. However, due to our patented handlebars adding more points of contact, we have reduced that learning curve considerably. The longest we have seen being 30 minutes. Which is a huge reduction in the learning curve, especially for renters with time limits. Please see our video on how to use the Hydroflyer™ to help you reduce your learning curve.
What is the top speed of the Hydroflyer™?
That depends on the rider's weight, the conditions, and the wing setup. However, several of our riders have topped speeds of over 45kmh. Believe us, that is very, very fast. After that things begin to get scary.
What setup is right for me?
For instant help, please visit the configure page for info on what size and setup is right for your body type, skill level etc. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for advice and help on choosing the perfect board for you, and any other riders who may be sharing the equipment.
Is the Hydroflyer™ dangerous? Is it safe for me and my family?
E-foiling in general can be considered an “extreme sport.” However, we have made several optimisations in our design features that minimize risk considerably compared to the other e-foils on the market.

For example,
1) Adding a patented silicone edge safety foil to absorb impact and reduce the sharpness of the wing tips is a game-changer.
2) Having an inflatable board reduces weight and absorbs impact.
3) Introducing handlebars creates 4 points of contact instead of 2, which helps with rider balance and stability, greatly reducing wipeouts when learning.
4) The Hydroflyer™ automatically shuts off after the controller touches the water or when the trigger is released.

The Hydroflyer™ is the safest e-foil available on the market, while still being exciting and lots of fun for the whole family!
Do I need a license and registration to use the Hydroflyer™?
Laws differ from country to country, and even on the state level. In most places Hydroflyer™ is exempt from registration and considered a surf-craft, however some places require registration as a vessel. Please contact us if you need help finding out the laws in your particular state. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of the local laws and comply accordingly.
Is There An Age Or Weight Limit To Use The Hydroflyer™?
Age: We generally recommend children over the age of 12 to use the Hydroflyer™, although we have seen children younger than that have a great time under strict adult supervision and provided with training on how to ride it.

Weight: All weights are able to use the Hydroflyer™. The heavier you are we recommend going for the largest size board the Cruiser or inflatable which has more buoyancy.
Should I wear a lifejacket and safety gear when riding?
We recommend all riders wear a lifejacket or personal floatation device and helmet when riding to stay safe.
Can the Hydroflyer™ be used in breaking waves?
Yes, it can be done. However, we do not recommend doing this and you do so at your own risk. When you ride crashing waves and wipeout, you can easily hurt yourself, hurt others, break or flood your Hydroflyer™. Therefore we advise against riding in waves. Rolling ocean swells in deep water away from the curl is more advisable. Also try to stay away from shallow places as that is a sure way to break your Hydroflyer™.
Can I take my Hydroflyer™ on the aeroplane?
Unfortunately due to new regulations, lithium batteries are not able to go on flights. However, depending on where you are travelling, there may be a hire or rental company near you where you can rent a Hydroflyer™. Please see our demo location page for your closest dealer. We have more and more popping up each day.
How long does the battery last on one charge?
That varies depending on rider weight, wing and conditions. We can say one charge lasts at least 90 mins and often more than 2 hours, provided there is no strain and drag putting extra strain on the battery.
What happens if I run out of battery and or it breaks down out to sea?
The Hydroflyer™ battery and motor is built to last and withstand the toughest of ocean conditions. Our battery is top of its class and has been tested for thousands of hours under heavy use. Just like when the fuel light pops up on your car when you are getting low on gas, the battery on the Hydroflyer™ when getting close to low will give you ample warning on the controller to let you know it's time to return for a charge. When it gets low enough, the battery will switch over to low power mode to let you know it's time to come in. We always recommend having a spotter on the land, and staying within eye distance to shore just in case of accidents or something goes wrong.
Are all the wings, mast, propulsion and board compatible?
Yes, all our designs are modular, riders can use any of our wings and boards to fit together, giving you endless options.


How do I charge my Hydroflyer™ battery and how long does it take?
You simply unplug and dislodge the battery from the board, then stick the charging device plug into the battery, then plug into a standard AC wall socket. Normal charging takes about 2-3 hours depending on location.
How do I maintain my Hydroflyer™?
Maintenance is very easy and minimal on the Hydroflyer™. After use we recommend disconnecting the battery and taking it out of the board, cleaning with fresh water, then store in a cool place outside of direct sunlight. Our components and cables are triple sealed and watertight composed of rust proof materials designed not to errode with use.


How much does a Hydroflyer™ cost?
The prices vary depending on your setup. Please visit the shop or configure page for all pricing information.
What Payment Forms Do You Accept?
We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and direct wire transfers. We may also offer payment plans provided through a 3rd party lender. Contact us here for more information.
Do You Offer Payment Plans?
Currently, we offer 50% deposit on order and 50% before shipping.
What Is Your Returns Policy?
All payments are final and are non-refundable. We offer a 12 month warranty on all parts. We do not accept the return of any product unless faulty. Please see our Warranty & Return Policy page for more info.
Can I Purchase Parts Separately?
Yes, all parts are available to be bought separately. Our Hydroflyer™ board is modular and can fit any of our wings.
How Long Will It Take To Receive My Hydroflyer™?
Due to huge demand, and the attention to detail we give each and every Hydroflyer™, currently we have longer than usual delivery times.


Where Do You Ship?
We ship worldwide with a few exceptions etc. Please contact us for info if you live in a restricted country.
How Long Does It Take To Ship?

Please contact us to see the latest shipping times

What About Taxes And Import Duties?
We charge a flat fee $599 shipping worldwide. However, taxes, import duties and import licenses different from country to country and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please contact us, and we can assist with navigating the import of your Hydroflyer™ for each purchaser.
My Question Has Not Been Answered?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help you get set up and flying in no time.